In the spirit of providing your pet with access to the latest technological developments, we use an array of complementary tools including radiography, dental radiography, and ultrasound to provide our doctors with the clearest diagnostic picture possible.

Traditionally, one of the most valuable tools when analyzing a patient’s internal structure, x-rays are used to help guide our doctors’ treatment plans–whether it’s a broken bone or a gastrointestinal foreign body. We also have a specialized dental x-ray machine that helps perform not only oral surgery, but routine dentistry with increased precision.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that uses reflected sound waves to provide a functional two- dimensional image. Whereas x-rays show a snapshot of a point in time, ultrasound allows for the visualization of the architecture of various soft tissues including heart, liver, and kidneys. Whether used diagnostically to evaluate heart function or potential tumor sites, or as a precision aid when performing biopsies, this new tool will help keep Chesapeake Veterinary Hospital at the forefront of veterinary practice. With three certified doctors and two certified veterinary technicians, we are looking forward to being able to provide our clients with access to this specialty service.