Spring Training

Warm weather is right around the corner. As we all get more active and get outside more, we also are more prone to injury. Our pets are no different.

A long winter of lounging by the fire can make us want to jump back into our springtime exercise routine at full speed. In order to reduce risk of injury for us and our pets, it’s important to use caution when starting to walk or run several miles, work your way up gradually. Playing fetch is a great way to get your pet moving and have fun in the sun, but dogs can get overheated quickly even on a day that feels only moderately warm, they aren’t used to it yet.  Remember to take breaks and let them drink lots of water.  Be especially careful when it is wet and muddy outside, that’s when we see lots of sprains and torn ligaments.

Let us know if you think your dog’s joint health needs some help – we can advise you on appropriate joint supplements or medication for pain relief.